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Hotte | Safety Equipments

Specialized Distributor of Safety Equipment For Workers

Hotte Safety Equipment is without a doubt, an uncontested leader in the distribution of protective work equipment, dedicated to ensuring the safety of workers, regardless of their profession. Hotte always puts the focus on protecting the health and safety of workers by offering a wide selection of items tailored to their specific needs.

Our expertise allows us to select the safest protective equipment on the market: respiratory protection, hearing protection, head protection, fall protection systems and much more.

All specialized safety equipment you’ll find it here!

Work Wear For All Trades

Hotte also has a wide range of work clothes for every type of job. Whether you need fireproof clothing or disposable clothing, coveralls, aprons, lab coats, pants, shirts or anything else, our work wear is available in all sizes, colors and name brands.

A Distributor That Is Open To The General Public: Competitive Prices and Outstanding Service

Being a direct distributor with no intermediary, Hotte makes its products available to the general public and offers you the best prices on the market. Hotte stands out by providing personalized service to each customer and places a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction, while providing prices that are as competitive as the larger chain stores

For three decades now, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers have relied on us for advice and for the supply of their safety equipment and work wear. In order to give the best possible service, quality and price than anywhere else in Quebec, Hotte proudly provides quality care and tools for all workers, answering all their questions to ensure optimum safety in the workplace.

Hotte vêtements de travail équipements de sécurité
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