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That Meets Industry Standards

For nearly thirty years now, the “Hotte Safety Equipment» company, has been specializing in the safety and protection of workers. Because we believe that prevention can save lives, we have established a partnership with our suppliers with the common goal to educate workers who may be at risk, on the proper precautions and attitudes to adopt in the various situations related to their work.

Companies, managers and workers who are looking to develop and acquire the necessary knowledge required to ensure health and safety in the workplace, can benefit from our complete precautionary training sessions. In compliance with the latest safety standards in effect, these workshops are oriented towards awareness of best practices that workers must follow while in the work environment.

Hotte vêtements de travail équipements de sécurité

Occupations At Risk

Trades such as line work, window cleaning, roofing as well as industrial construction and many others are likely to pose a danger to the safety the workers involved. Our trainers cover all the various elements that pose a risk and provide appropriate solutions to minimize the dangers of potential accidental risks at work.

Premium Reduction and Protection From Prosecution

It’s a proven fact and the statistics show it: employees who are properly trained will be better able to assess high-risk situations, avoiding putting their lives or the lives of others in danger. Workers who receive appropriate training have seen their risk of injury drastically reduced. This directly impacts CSST premiums or any risk of employer prosecution by the CSST.

Experience Trainers

The training course lasts approximately 4 hours and can accommodate around twenty people. The courses are taught by experienced instructors who put great emphasis on the details of prevention in the workplace.

Our Trainers provide their extensive expertise to present a very comprehensive program in prevention and safety. During the training, the speaker discusses various issues, scenarios and in some cases protection from falls will be given special attention.

Planning and Booking Your Workplace Safety Training Session

Contact one of our representatives to get all the details on the various programs offered, from planning to reservation of a training date.

Hotte vêtements de travail équipements de sécurité
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