Opt for polyethylene gloves. Choose higher protection that meets hygiene standards. Hotte’s polyethylene gloves are single-use and will allow you to get good manual dexterity while protecting your hands effectively. Get our all-purpose gloves!

  • Transparent
  • Non-steriles
  • Ambidextrous


Used as a barrier against corrosive products, nitrile gloves allow the handling of many materials. Your hands will be protected from all harmful elements. This glove model can be used for many uses while providing you with complete protection.

  • Elastic
  • Waterproff
  • Resistant


Purchase top quality leather gloves. Our glove models are ideal for performing heavy and demanding manual work. Hotte’s products have been selected according to high standards of quality and durability. Resistant to water, they are comfortable and will provide you with all the necessary protection.

  • Security
  • Comfortables
  • Durability

Lined Gloves

Choose Hooded Lined Work Gloves to keep you warm during the cold season. Do your work and realize all your projects despite the fall of the degrees. Its durable material warms your hands in addition to protecting them while you work. Opt for the quality and comfort of our doubled work gloves.

  • Protection Against Cold
  • Resistant
  • Comfortable

Cut Resistant Gloves

Protect yourself from the risk of injury and choose the performance of Hotte’s cut resistant work gloves. Make sure your hands are safe and enjoy the benefits of adequate protection. Designed to withstand cuts and other forms of perforation, Hotte’s work gloves will provide you with unmatched reliability.

  • Protection
  • Comfortable
  • Resistant

Coated Gloves

Hotte’s coated work gloves have been designed to meet the many protection needs of workers. Thus, our products are covered with different choices of resistant materials which allow a good tactile sensibility. Make sure to protect your hands properly and treat yourself with quality coated gloves.

  • Good Tactile Sensitivity
  • Protection
  • Resistant

Welding Gloves

Opt for welding gloves that will meet all your needs as part of your activities. Your welding projects require optimal protection against heat and sparks. Our quality products will satisfy all your needs in terms of security. Choose a suitable protection for all types of welding work.

  • Optimal Protection Against Heat
  • Suitable For Welding Work
  • Security
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